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Does acupuncture work for stress symptoms?

acupuncture-limerick-stressStress is a natural reaction to lifes challanges that at times can be benificial for our health and safety. Chronic stress however is quite different and can affect the overall health and wellbeing of our different body systems.

Our centeral nervous system as well as the endocrine system can show signs of imbalance amid the strain of constant stress or percieved stress.

Respitory and cardiovascular problems can also be made worse by making the heart work harder thereby increasing the risk of hypertension.

The rush of hormones, increased breathing and rapid heartrate can upset the digestive system causing heartburn, acid reflux even nausea and vomiting. Lack of appetite as well as constipation or diaorrhea can also be another factor when stressed.

Another side effect of stress could be muscle tension, headaches, body aches even back and shoulder pain. Chronic stress and its constant release of cortisol overtime will comprimise the immune system leaving a person more open to viral illness along with other diseases and infectitions.

Its easy to see then how chronic stress is not something to be taken lightly but rather a serious health concern when not fully addressed.

Benifits of acupuncture for chronic stress:

Regulates the centeral nervous system.
Calms the mind.
Slows the bodys production of stress hormones.
Regulates imbalances in the digestive system as well as immune, cardiovascular and respitory system.
Relaxes muscular system easing any pain or muscle tension.
Relieves insomnia.

This is a six week treatment plan addressing the many effects that chronic stress can set in motion. This plan works on rebalancing the nervous system using acupuncture along with natropathic principles to bring you back to a balanced stress free life.

Single Treatment €50
Six Week Treatment Plan €350

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