Renew your body dynamics


This is a beautifully put together treatment plan that focuses on the restoration and renewal of each organ system in the body.

It is perfect for anyone who is looking for that extra boost or tonification after a bout of stress, illness or general fatigue.

Even those in perfect health can benefit from this restorative treatment. This treatment can be given as a one off or you can choose to benefit from its power in numbers with the naturopathic and nutritional advice it encompasses.

Choosing an appropriate tonification therapy will depend on several factors. It is important to note that traditional Chinese thinking sees an individual as part of nature with which he or she interacts. Climatic and environmental influences cannot be overlooked in treatment.

For example, a special tonification therapy may be used to prevent a deficiency that commonly occurs in a particular season. Tonification can, therefore, be used as an illness or disease preventing measure.


Single Treatment: €60   |   6-Week Treatment Plan: €360 (price includes naturopathic advice)


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