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Qualifications and Registration

I am a delighted to be graduate of the college of natropathic medicine, irelands largest and longest established training body in nutrition, herbal acupuncture and natropathy courses.

While there I completed four years of training in the theory, practice and all clinical aspects of TCM, natropathy, orthodox medical sciences, pathology, anatomy and physiology.

After college I furthered my studies in Hanoi, Vietnam, to gather more in dept knowledge from the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine. This is a wonderful well recoginised hospital and is also a collaborating body with [WHO] the world health organisation.

I have also trained in London where I specialised in cosmetic acupuncture with the highly reguarded Amanda shayle, senior lecturer with the College Of Chinese Medicine London, as well as many other prominent affiliations.

I am a licensed and registered acupuncturist and natropath with the [AFPA] Acupuncture Foundation Proffesional Association. Members of this association are required to attend continious professional development and are governed by a strict code of ethics. As a member I am approved by VHI, HSF, AVIVA, LAYA and other healthcare providers.