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Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine principles that have been developed in the east for over 2500 years.

These principles aim to restore, promote and maintain good health and are increasingly used in mainstream healthcare as their therapeutic value for a growing number of conditions is recognised.

Its relaxing effect on the mind as well as the body makes acupuncture ideal for managing stress and anxiety.

Here are just some of the most effective results of acupuncture:

  • Acupuncture promotes better sleeping habits, leaving you feeling more vibrant and alert throughout the day.
  • Acupuncture will reduce your stress levels. This has cosmetic benefits as well as health ones, as you will see any stress lines and tension leave your face and body.
  • Acupuncture can also help to promote weight loss, and is the ideal option if you’re looking to kick start a healthy lifestyle.

With my central Limerick base at 15 Thomas Street, I am conveniently situated to assist those looking for treatment across a wide range of health and cosmetic issues.


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